The CMS Prayer

Bless a' the MacKenzies an' a' the Mackenzie childer; their sons
an' son's childer and their
dochiter's for a thousan' years to come.
Be Ye gracious an' send
doon mountains o' snuff,
an rivers of whiskey.
An' oh lord send doon swords an'
pistels an' daggers
as monie as the sands on the seashore
to kill the MacDonalds, the Clan
Ranalds, and the Campbells.
An oh Lord, bless the wee coo, an' make it a big coo.

An oh Lord bless the sucklin' and make it a grand board.

An oh Lord, bless the wee bairns, yon Angus, 
Alex an' Bessie an' Maggie an' Florrie.
An oh Lord, build up a great wall between us an' the Irish,
an' put broken bottles on the top, so they
cannae come over.
An' oh lord, if ye
hae anything gude to gie, dunnagie it to the Irish,
gie it to your chosen people, the Scots,
especially to the Clan MacKenzie an' a' their friends.
Glorious ye are for
ever more

This prayer was found in the genealogical records of the late Father Ewan MacDonald of Glengarry, Canada and was published in a past issue of the Clan Donald Newsletter.